About JOD

About JOD


Start doing things with (Job One Day) JOD

JOD is a community marketplace for casual, general, and specific jobs.


Everyone needs help from time to time with multiple tasks at home, in the office, or in personal life. Sometimes all it takes is a little muscle or talent. JOD was born to be a platform that puts people who just need an extra pair of hands in contact with other members of the community, who have the work ethic and the motivation to perform the requested services.


JOD is a home service application for all kinds of tasks from assembling a piece of furniture, walking the dogs, unclogging a drain, painting a wall, installing a television, cleaning an office, doing laundry, tutoring your children or changing a light bulb, you have no limits with JOD you can request any type of service, and a worker with the skills and knowledge will carry out their task, the users will have a profile and you will be able to see if their identity was verified by JOD personnel


JOD is an application aimed at workers in the informal sector, it allows you to search for jobs by town, date or amount to be paid, if you have a formal job and are aware of some type of service you can use the days off to generate extra income, without obligation and only when you want.


Name, quote, publish it and, voila!


JOD's mobile app makes doing odd jobs so much easier. With JOD, it's as easy as 1-2-3-4:

1) Take a Photo

2) Describe the job

3) Set a Date

4) Indicate or request a price.


Why waste time and money posting ads, searching websites, and scheduling meetings?


As a job advertiser :  You can describe what you want done, schedule a date that works for you, and set an amount you're willing to pay or request an estimate.


As a Self -Employed : You can search for a wide variety of jobs in real time, and earn money in a way that suits your time and talent. Even start a small local business. No more paying for leads that don't pan out, no more wasting time preparing quotes or downgrading your services to compete for jobs.



Get the help you need or do what you love


It is often said that technology separates us from each other. At JOD, we believe that technology can also be a tool to unite the different communities contributing to society. Getting them to connect. Maybe you help a college student on vacation, a veteran coming home, or a neighbor who lost their job, a parent, etc. They are people who will need to generate an income in an honest way, help your community while creating links, while doing the tasks that you publish, Start using JOD today

Remember there is always someone willing to do a job for the right remuneration


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